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5 ways our F&B software will increase your profit

From time to time, everybody wants to skip the stove and rather go out and have someone bring your food steaming hot and ready-to-eat to your table.

Whether you are simply heading to the local street food shop around the corner for some chicken rice or decide to splash out on fresh seafood in a fancy restaurant by the beach, everyone likes to head out and be served some enticing food.

Therefore, restaurants and F&B providers are highly in demand and, especially during peak-hours, experience overwhelming responses that are barely manageable. Orders get messed up, customers have to wait a long time to be served and after all this stress, they might not be fully satisfied with the presented food and the overall experience.

With a little tweak to the classical way of handling orders from customers, your eatery could become more efficient and offer your customer a more relaxed food experience that will remain in their minds forever.

All it takes is a minor technological update that allows you to automize the ordering process and leaves you with more time to prepare the food and to make sure it is as delicious as always.

MTC provides restaurants with an automated ordering software that allows customers to order at their table with their own smartphones. After that, all they have to do is wait for their food to be brought to their table and enjoy. No more need for the waiter to recognize the new guests and take their orders manually, everything happens through their phones.

Here is how this will be beneficial for your business:

1. A Modernized Restaurant Will Attract More Orders

If you’ve recently been to a McDonalds the past few months, you’ve most likely noticed the gigantic displays that jump right into your face once you enter the place. In case you stay away from fast-food-chains altogether, here is what happened.

The widely known fast-food franchise McDonalds has been around for quite a while and since its establishment in 1955, they’ve stuck to the same ordering system that proofed to be effective for most eateries. The customer comes to the counter, orders their food and receives it a few minutes later on the spot.

But here is the twist. Recently, McDonalds started to build in huge touchscreens into their restaurants at which the customers could order by clicking the desired items and paying at the machine (or in cash at the counter if you really like to queue up). After paying you will be assigned a number that is linked to your order. Now all you have to do is to wait for your number to be called.

This has been a gamechanger.

All the big chains are modernizing their systems, implementing new technologies and offering their customers a new experience. And that’s for a good reason.

A study conducted in 2017 has shown that people tend to order more with a touchscreen-based menu. This is the result of the enjoyment of finger movements that are involved in the ordering process. Therefore, eateries do not only modernize their establishments and improve the customer experience, but they also increase the number of orders and consequently their profit.

Modernized ordering is trending and slowly but surely, even smaller restaurants are catching up. As it is rapidly spreading across the industry, now is the right time to hop onto the train and enjoy all the benefits.

2. It Will Save You A Fair Amount Of Workload

With the automized ordering process, your customers simply scan the QR code on their table to access the online menu. On this webpage, they can stroll through the food options, click on all the items they would like to have and leave notes in case of dietary restrictions.

The order will be sent to the kitchen straight away with all the information that is required to create the desired dishes.

Scan. Click. Enjoy.

Our software will save the tedious process of registering a new table and waiting for the arrived guests to be ready to order. Additionally, customers do not have to wait for the waiter to be free which hinders the whole process, especially during peak hours.

Our technology will significantly decrease the workload and therefore reduce the necessary workforce and labour cost.

3. It Doesn’t Require Heavy Investments

McDonalds had to customize their new ordering devices, build them into the stores and implement the new technology. This whole process cost a fortune for one restaurant, let alone a whole franchise.

This strategy might be helpful for huge franchises like the said fast-food chain, but smaller establishments do not have comparable funds or customer bases which makes a tremendous investment dispensable.

But with MTC’s solution, you can skip the first two steps which are also the most cost-intensive steps. There is no need for an expensive investment in hardware such as an iPad for each table and consequently the additional mechanical work, such as building in charging ports and repairing due to wear-out.

All these expensive factors are redundant for our IT solution.

Our technology relies solely on the devices your guests already bring to your restaurant, their smartphones. All they need to do is to scan the QR code and directly access the menu.

They get the comfort of using their own phone with which they are familiar with instead of having to use a new and strange device. Ordering will be a breeze.

4. Easy To Implement And Maintain

As there are no requirements for the MTC solution to work, other than a stable Wi-Fi connection, the barriers of switching to this technology are extremely low. All it takes is one simple technological implementation into your usual system and that’s it. This can be done in no time; you won’t notice any disruptions or disturbances.

As it is not very time-intensive, it is very cost-effective.

MTC’s solution only requires a small investment but offers you so much improvement in your service and customer experience.

There is no need to use your money for expensive hardware and installation like for example McDonalds did with their huge tablets. A minor technological tweak will refurbish the whole restaurant and improve customer experience.

With MTC’s software solution, the return-on-investment is tremendous and will soon be noticeable after your brand-new MTC software has successfully been launched.

5. Automized Workflow

In a food establishment, operations can get crazy and hectic, so smooth processes facilitate the work significantly.

With a Point-Of-Sale system like MTC’s, there is no more trouble within the different operational steps that are necessary to bring the steaming hot food the customers ordered to their table.

Each step is supervised by the system and the orders come straight from the customer to the kitchen. There is no chance that an order could be forgotten or misunderstood along the way.

Also, your customer has their order list right in front of them and can simply add some more items. If they would like to have some of the banana bread your establishment is famous for or end their meal with one of your amazing Singapore Slings:

It is only one click away

There is so much potential in automizing the ordering process. It not only saves you a significant amount of time and workload, but it also gives your customers the time and comfort they need to scan the menu and place the order.

Your guests have the chance to use their own phones that they are used to and comfortable with, to make the ordering process a lot smoother and hassle-free. In the busy hours, there is no need for your clients to wait until a waiter is free to take their order. After all, a waiter can serve only so many people at a time. Your guests simply click on their own touchscreens and send off the order or add new items to their check.

Our innovative software will help you to elevate the guest experience to a whole new level while enjoying delicious food in a stress-free environment.

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