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Four Home Office Struggles And What To Do About It

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

2020 has been an immense challenge for the whole world. People are losing their jobs, the economy crumbles right in front of our eyes and severe sickness is taking over the population. We have never experienced a situation like this before and therefore must find new ways to live our everyday lives. Since most offices and workplaces have been shut down, people all around the world have to utilize their own houses and work from home. Most people are not used to extensive home office periods and are currently facing troubles that keep them from working effectively. Here are the most common struggles workers are confronted with at the moment.

1. Lack of information

In an office, your colleagues and teammates are just around the corner or right next door. Now, the faces you meet every day at your office are spread across the city and out of reach. Communication is crucial to work efficiently and make progress. When even the simplest exchange of information becomes an immense burden, a resourceful IT infrastructure is more important than ever. Our MTC ERP system is the allrounder for profitable companies that long for smooth business operations and comprehensive software which allows their employees to work to their best abilities, even from home. The ERP system is straight forward and doesn’t require an extensive introduction to your employees. Similar systems are often very complex and difficult to manage and maintain, but we specifically created software that doesn’t require intensive IT skills. All the data and information your employees need is right there at their fingertips. A simple, yet highly-secure login grants access to authorized people. Also, your employees only see the data that is essential to their position in the company, e.g. an intern won’t have access to the content your financial manager sees. 2. Lack of communication

So let’s imagine you simply cannot find that one invoice you need desperately to finish your project. You are searching through all the folder you took home from the office, clicked through every single computer file but you cannot track the invoice down. So instead of walking a couple of steps into the finance department, where you can talk to anyone about that matter, you now have to call colleagues, send around emails in hope to finally find the document. All of this takes insane amounts of time and hinders your workflow. Our ERP system already has all the data categorized and well organized online in your cloud. No need to go through endless folders and files and ask around the personnel because everything is neatly organized. And even if you need to contact colleagues, the integrated messaging service makes communication simple and quick.

3. No way to collaborate with business partners

The majority of companies don’t work completely on their own. Most firms work with other entities and collaborate on certain projects or services. Due to the current situation, this task seems to be impossible to master with the limitations the COVID crisis has brought upon us. All the issues mentioned above cause problems within a company, but if you are collaborating with a second, independent party, these obstacles are even harder to overcome. You don’t have access to the data of your business partners and potentially only know a limited amount of people to whom you could talk to about the project. The MTC ERP system solves this problem perfectly. As mentioned above, all your employees can get a secure login to the system and work efficiently. What's even better is that even outsiders can receive a login and access the necessary data. You decide who joins your system. No more delays and communication troubles for your collaborative projects. Since the employees of other entities are only able to see the information that is destined for their eyes, the rest of your company data is safe and you don't need to worry about unwanted leakage. 4. IT infrastructure troubles

Now, to ensure that your profits stay high during the lockdown, you need to make sure you have a stable IT infrastructure. This is what your profits rely on right now. Think about what would happen, if all your efforts to enable an efficient work-from-home experience crumbles. If your software is not responding, how are your employees supposed to work? Like back in the middle ages, sending letters and smoke signs to colleagues to bring across their message? Especially in times like these, every company should have a strong online base that employees can rely on. But we don’t blame you if you haven’t thought about the importance of your infrastructure until the sudden breakout of the virus. Just a couple of weeks ago, nobody would have expected this disastrous outcome. Good news for you, it is not too late to upgrade the system of your operations and invest in a strong software that is not only a reliable and strong base for your business operation but also resolves all the issues we’ve just talked about. We have very affordable options that cater to every company, whether you are a small local distributor or a large global player with multiple locations all around the world. We have something that will be right up your alley.

Check out our page to find out more about all the benefits and contact us if you have any questions!

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Stay safe and healthy!

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