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Why your software hinders the success of your company

Once we reach a financially stable situation that allows some space for treats and the ‘little’ luxuries in life, we all like to splash out every now and then because lets be honest, it is nice to have a car you use for work and then another faster car for fun weekend trips across the state. This concept applies to other areas in our lives as well. For example, it is great to have a nice pair of running shoes that support your feet well enough to not give you flatfeet but it is also great to have a separate pair for cycling that is tailored specifically to that purpose.

This freedom of being able to purchase and consume specialised products make us feel as if we’ve made the best possible choice because these items are tailored to its one and only purpose so it should be the best in its field, right?

That might be true, but maybe your gym bag isn’t big enough to fit your running and your cycling shoes for that triathlon you want to participate in. So, what are you going to do?

Buy a bigger bag? Yeah, you could do that.

Carry two bags? Sure, you could do that as well.

Just don’t do the triathlon? Of course, that is also an option (but we don’t recommend it because we support your decision and think it is good for your health).

Whatever you would do, there comes a price with it you must pay.

The same theory applies to your companies’ software.

A lot of companies invested in department-specific software that is tailored to the needs of the respective departments. There are plenty of different operations that are continuously conducted in a company, such as finance, marketing, sales and procurement to only name a few.

A finance supervisor has different needs and demands towards a software compared to a marketing manager. They need tools that help analyse plenty of numbers, whereas employees in Marketing make more use of communicative and creative tools. Therefore, CEOs often choose the specified software because they think that is the best choice to support smooth operations and maximise profits.

But the negative aspects of choosing different software soon will show its effects. Once you try to merge the data of the different departments and access it across the company, you will soon find out that your expensive software is not as versatile as you might have thought it would be.

The different departments of a company constantly need to communicate with each other and transfer data across the company, but different software create different type of files in different formats which can result in a big mess.

Other than the huge chaos this digital situation can cause, these software need experts to be set up!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly know a lot of people that even struggle to hook up their iPhone to the latest version of iTunes on their computer. And those are the people that are supposed to handle valuable data on multiple different platforms and use them to the companies’ advantage…

Overly complicated systems make your employee’s life much more troublesome and your overall operations more error-prone than necessary. The information traded between departments are highly sensitive and errors should be kept as low as possible to avoid preventable costs.

In the end, all businesses need data to make profitable business decisions and, over time, more and more data will pile up in the depths of your … sappy… and complicated software. Might as well take the leap now and either start your business with a unified software or switch ASAP to avoid a mess before you’ve accumulated a huge data dump.

Prefabricated tools also usually only leave you with minimal flexibility and customizability.

You are provided with the standard version of the software that your neighbours in the office next door also use but maybe you produce running shoes and they sell cars. Both of you have corporate duties that are similar but, at the end of the day, you two produce different output that requires different tools to function efficiently.

In a corporate and profit-driven environment, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, in the long run, cannot be the best solution for every company. At the very least, once your business grows.

So, besides the fact that these software as often chosen due to the fact that a lot of companies trust them, what makes people decide to go for the most established provider?

Well, the big market leaders follow a free-trial strategy, offering new customers free-of-charge access to their system for a limited amount of time. In this time, you already adjust your processes to the given software, put in all your data and have people work with that specific program.

After your trial is over, you most likely won’t cancel the subscription as it comes with high switching costs. You have to find new software that you have to pay for and go through the whole process again.

It seems more reasonable to stick to the first program, right?

But, nope.

Soon you will hit the obstacles we’ve discussed before and realize that a generalized software doesn’t fit your specific needs but until then it will be too late to change comfortably.

So, what is a reasonable solution for your situation now?

Well, let me introduce MyTeamConnector.

We create customized software that our customers can use as their daily drivers when operating their businesses. Our products connect departments without a hassle and make your employees lives much easier.

📷At MyTeamConnector Software, we individually customize our software solution to fit your business needs and workflow. This ensures as little downtime as possible during integration and a smooth and seamless transition period from your legacy software. You don’t need to worry about halting business when switching to MyTeamConnector.

We’ve already created suitable operating systems for a diverse selection of customers, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific being our most prominent partner.

We’ve successfully established a fully operational software into their running business and only received positive feedback!

If you would like to fit your running AND your cycling shoes into one bag

Get connected with MyTeamConnector!

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